Recycle Office Waste

Great Ways to Reduce Your Office Waste

Everybody is asking themselves what they can do to help reduce office waste and minimise the damaging effects to the environment.

Offices environments are where large amounts of waste is generated when there is no real need for it to be created. Take a look at our top tips.

Invest in your bins

Having clearly labelled bins that are accessible to everybody will show staff what rubbish should be put where and will certainly increase your recycling efforts. Visit this website for ideas.

Think about your furniture

When throwing away old office furniture, don’t just take it to the dump. This will be sent to landfill and will clog up the minimal land we have left. Get in touch with a rubbish clearance agency who will work hard to recycle all the waste that they collect. Click here for office clearances in London and Surrey.

Reusable cups and mugs

Encourage all staff to use reusable mugs and glasses, especially when getting takeaway drinks and food. Your waste will be massively reduced if your staff don’t bring in paper or plastic cups to the office. See: Top 10 Reusable Cups

Use both sides of the paper

When printing, make sure you select the ‘print of both sides’ option as this will significantly decrease your paper usage and can even reduce it by 50%.