Roof Insulation


Cut your heating bills with Loft insulation

Loft areas are notorious for losing heat from your home – so to save money on your heating bills it pays to invest in proper loft insulation.

 We can fit high quality insulation material quickly and professionally, and offer a range of products to suit various budgets.

Current building regulations for new buildings require 10 inches (or 250mm) of loft insulation – we’d suggest you make 8 inches (or 200mm) your minimum benchmark. Our mineral fibre quilt is available in 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm and 270mm thickness in widths to suit all joist spaces.

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If you live in an older building, the chances are that the loft and cavity wall insulation needs upgrading, call us for a competitive quote on eco earthwool or superglass loft and roof insulation! 

Start saving on your heating costs:

Whether you are topping up your insulation or need insulation fitted for the first time, our experienced team will fit your loft insulation with the minimum of inconvenience to you.
The Loft insulation material is rolled between the joists and then applied in a second layer across the joists to prevent the ‘cold bridge’ which is created by the ceiling plaster board and each of the joists.

How much could I save?ladder-1604451_1920

You can regroup the cost of insulating your loft within a year through the reduced heating bills making insulation a real cost saving measure in the long term.

By installing a 270mm (10.5 inch) insulation layer you could save around £150 a year.

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What should you do beforehand?

However, before having insulation installed into your loft area, check that the materials used on your roof are the most effective for keeping heat inside and are less likely to have leaks and damage on.

Green Business Partnership recommends ClassicBond, which is the original EPDM.

ClassicBond is perfect for when you need a sustainable and long lasting rooftop. This type of EPDM is known for its high quality when it comes to performance and durability. See more information.

Benefits of ClassicBond rubber roofing:

  • Proven to last up to 50 years
  • Clean and easy to install
  • No specialist tools required
  • Standard thickness is 1.2mm or 1.5mm in premium